Education and Livelihood

Every poor farmer seeks a better life for his children and intuitively knows that this is possible only through education. Unfortunately, few Indian villages have access to good education.

Drishtee’s main stay service for long has been computer education which has provided training to over 30,000 village youth in India; Drishtee has thus built substantial experience and capacity in this area. Indeed, Drishtee’s courses have even built a positive brand image for themselves in several villages.

Realising that education is the stepping stone for livelihood creation in villages, Drishtee has been leveraging its courses to provide training and subsequently employment opportunities through rural outsourcing centers (Rural BPOs).

Drishtee’s objectives for education are:

  • To substantially expand its basic computer and spoken English courses.
  • To introduce new courses which enable the students to find employment opportunities within the village. For this, Drishtee has introduced vocational courses – particularly those which help in agriculture such as water conservation, organic farming, crop management and rural sales management.
  • To discourage distress migration from villages to urban centers due to lack of educational and employment opportunities in the villages.
  • To take advantage of the capacity it builds through these courses to create additional micro-enterprises.
Rural outsourcing center (BPO)

An example of a micro-enterprise that Drishtee has created is the Rural Outsourcing Center (BPO) which leverages the people Drishtee has trained. Drishtee has conducted a successful pilot in this space and is geared to expand this further. The model follows a hub arrangement responsible for quality assurance of the deliverable with a large number of kiosks functioning as spokes. The key customer base includes large private organisations such as banks and libraries, or the government, both of which require digitisation services. The rura l outsourcing centres also target the customer service/ customer acquisition market particularly where the local language/dialect and knowledge of local communities is important.

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